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Prairie Road Organic Seed 's Dutch Brown lettuce ready for harvest grown from organic seed

NEW! Lettuce: Dutch Brown

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Lactuca saliva (50-55 days) This heirloom green lettuce with touches of bronze, forms a small loose head with deliciously crispy large leaves. Robust and hardy, Dutch Brown is particularly suitable in cool, harsh conditions. It's been said that Thomas Jefferson liked this variety so much, he planted it repeatedly in his winter garden at Monticello. We like it too!

Growing Notes
Sow early spring and late summer for fall crop. Sow thinly in full sun in rows 12" apart. Cover with 1/8- 1/4" fine soil, firm lightly and keep evenly moist. Or start indoors in flats 6 weeks before desired outside planting date; transplant into 2-3" cell trays when true leaves form. Transplant outdoors 8" apart. Emergence: 6-10 days.