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Flower, Bachelor Button: Blue Boy

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Centaurea cyanus One of the most popular cottage wildflower seed varieties. Very easy to grow from seed and a self-seeding annual, so there is little need to replant. Bachelor's Buttons were brought to America in the 17th century. Not only is cornflower attractive and affordable, but it is also a vigorous species, drought resistant, with a wide-ranging adaptability. You can grow this!

Growing Notes

Sow outdoors just before the last frost or shortly after. Plant seeds just beneath the surface of the soil. Germination 7-14 days. Average, drained soils and moderate water. Tend to sprawl without some support and are easily flattened by wind. Prefers full sun. Blooms early to mid-season and blooms throughout the summer. Height 12-24". Zones 3-10. Can also be fall planted, when it is too cold to germinate seeds and soil temperatures are below 45 degrees F; the seed will lay dormant through the winter.