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Dry Beans: Black Turtle

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Phaseolus vulgaris (90 days) Also known as Black Beans, Turtle Soup Beans, Mexican Blacks and Frijoles Negros. With cream-colored flesh, the flavor is wonderfully earthy with a hint of mushroom. A Caribbean and Latin American staple, Black Turtle is a favorite choice for burritos, soup, bean salsas, dips and salads. Tall, erect plants; an easy-to-grow, reliable main-crop dry bean. Introduced in the U.S. in the 1700s, this heirloom bean's jet-black coat is high in anthocyanins, making it a good source of anti-oxidant phytonutrients!

Growing Notes
Planting depth: 1 inch; Plant spacing: 2-3 inches; 2-3 feet between rows. Increase yields by inoculating where natural Rhizobia is low. Soil Temp. for Germ.: 60-80°F. Days to Germ.: 6-10 days; Full sun. Moderate moisture.