Garlic: Russian Giant

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC GARLIC Marbled Purple-Stripe/Hardneck  (5-7 cloves/bulb, 5-7 bulbs/pound, 2" and up in size) Large, beautiful dark purple-striped bulbs with brilliant color that catches the eye.  Better than average keeping ability with brown clove wrappers; plump, easy-to-peel cloves! Initial bite mellows to a pleasant garlicky flavor. Fat cloves are well-suited to roasting with a pleasing garlic flavor. Well suited to fresh eating, sauteing, stir-frying, pickling, and in soups, pesto and hummus.  A consistent and productive garlic that holds well in long-term storage. This variety will grow well in most regions of the United States, including northern climates.

Garlic orders are filled starting with the largest bulbs first. We will begin shipping when the garlic is fully cured; usually the second week of September. We will notify you when your order has shipped and provide you with the information to track its delivery.