Garlic: Georgian Crystal

Garlic: Georgian Crystal

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC GARLIC Porcelain/Hardneck (4-6 cloves/bulb, ~6-8 bulbs/pound, bulbs 1.75" and up in size) Great for salsa and pesto; just the right amount of bite, but not too spicy raw. White bulbs consist of big, easily-peeled cloves in pink and yellow wrappers. Classic roasting garlic, with a smooth buttery flavor and texture. Georgian Crystal is an extra oily garlic making it a healthy choice for its high allicin content: allicin is known to lower cholesterol and increase circulation, boosting the immune system. Well-suited to fresh eating, sautée, stir-fries, pickling, and for inclusion in soups, pestos, hummus and any recipe calling for a clove of your favorite garlic. (Note: The paper wrappers on this variety were thin this year but the individual clove wrappers are perfect! This will not affect the quality of the garlic.)

Garlic orders are filled starting with the largest bulbs first. We will begin shipping when the garlic is fully cured; usually the second week of September. We will notify you when your order has shipped and provide you with the information to track its delivery.

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