Announcing NEW! DOUBLE Certified Seed POTATOES!!

Announcing NEW! DOUBLE Certified Seed POTATOES!!

You've been ASKING for them! We've told many of you that they would be available SOON!  NOW we are very pleased to announce that my sister, MJ, her husband, Adam, and their family are introducing North Dakota’s first ever crop of double certified seed potatoes!


 Carter Farms’ seed potatoes are certified organic, bearing the USDA National Organic Program seal​ and certified seed bearing the North Dakota State Seed Department’s certified seed seal. What does that mean for you?  

  These potatoes were grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or commercial fertilizers, went through the organic inspection process, and are certified organic!  We, at Prairie Road Organic Seed, were SO EXCITED when my sister's family began transitioning Carter Farms to organic three years ago! They have reached that goal and now their certified organic seed potatoes are available to you! Hooray!

In addition to the USDA NOP Certified Organic label, the North Dakota State Seed Department’s certified seed seal assures you the potatoes are inspected and tested for low incidence of tuber-borne diseases, especially potato viruses, and that the variety is correctly identified. In North Dakota seed potato crops are inspected three times in the field plus a “winter test” is also performed, whereby a sample of harvested tubers are grown, inspected and tested for disease-- the gold standard for potato seed certification. 
Carter Farms is located in the beautiful Red River Valley of North Dakota with its thick, rich soils. Their family's goal is to provide you with highest quality organic and state certified seed potatoes possible!
You see the beautifully diverse collection of potato seed varieties offered by Carter Farms and learn more about their family farm operation by visiting their newly launched website at:

If you have any questions, give my sister, MJ a call!  She is happy to help!

  3482 37th St NE 
Inkster ND 58233-9306
Phone office: 701-865-4136
MJ  701-741-5137

 Some pictures of their favorite varieties!

Huckleberry Gold Organic Seed Potatoes

Dakota Rose Organic Seed Potatoes

All Blue Organic Seed Potatoes


Just visit our website at:              Browse our varieties. Plan you garden. Make your selections.

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