Our Manifesto...

At Prairie Road Organic Seed, we strive to create an enduring agricultural system, providing for the life-health of the soil, microbes, plants, animals, and people in our community of place.

Recognizing we are a PART OF nature, not APART FROM it... our farm has been fully organic since 1978. 

We are stewards of SEED. From these tiny seeds our food comes forth from the earth. Seeds can feed the many. 

When you buy our seed, you know how and where it was produced, and whose hands gleaned and packed it for you.

These are the seeds that grace OUR gardens and feed OUR family. They are well-adapted to organic growing conditions and are bred to fill your table with bounty. 

As a customer, you enable us to continue our work as caretakers of the seed, and for that, we are truly grateful. 

Eat well, Dear Friends.

We Guarantee You...

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