Be the BEE's BFF!  Grow Lacy Phacelia In Your Pollinator Garden!

Be the BEE's BFF! Grow Lacy Phacelia In Your Pollinator Garden!

Celebrating BEEs and BUMBLEBEEs!

If bees could make a list of their favorite plants to collect nectar and pollen, we are convinced Lacy Phacelia would be on it. Those seeking to provide pollinator habit should definitely consider providing this high quality nectary and pollen source!  

Phacelia tanacetifolia is an annual plant and is native to California, Arizona and Mexico. The plants have pretty blue flowers and ferny leaves and can be sown in almost any garden soil. Being native to the southwest it can cope with drier soils, once established, so you don’t have to water in summer.

The plant is perfect in a flower border, together with other pollinator-friendly annual plants such as calendula, cosmos marigold and hollyhocks. It can also be grown in small patches between vegetables or as a green manure on empty beds, which is dug into the soil after flowering. You don’t need to worry about your rotation in the garden because Phacelia is not related to any vegetables commonly grown. 
Phacelia will flower right until the first sharp frosts. The flowers produce loads of nectar and will attract countless honeybees, bumblebees and other pollinators.  Its German name translates to “Friend-of-the-bees” or “Bee-feast”. It is amazing to see how many bees actually visit on a sunny day. [Wanna see? Click the YouTube video link at the end of this article!]

If you have not grown this plant before, give it a try. Not only is it good for pollinators, it is good for the soil too!  Sown as green manure it will help increase soil fertility. Phacelia suppresses weeds, sequesters nitrogen and calcium, and is easily cultivated under. It quickly decays leaving the soil with a light open texture.           

It blooms continuously, increasing beneficial insect populations and diversity. You will be rewarded with pretty flowers and lots and lots of pollinators.​
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