Climate Victory Garden: Good for the climate! 🙌Good for you!

Climate Victory Garden: Good for the climate! 🙌Good for you!

About a year ago the concept of Victory Gardens was resurrected as we responded-- together-- to the pandemic that still has us in its grips a year later. 

During World War II people supported the war effort by growing fruits and vegetables in home gardens. By 1944 nearly half of all fruits and vegetables consumed by Americans were homegrown.

Over my morning coffee, I picked up the nearest magazine just to read for a few minutes before heading upstairs to fill more orders. I got hooked by an article about a new twist on Victory Gardens— Climate Victory Gardens! 

I was reading the latest copy of “Green American” magazine, published by Green America, a nonprofit organization. Look them up online at: 

According to the article, in the past year the number of registered Climate Victory Gardens went from 2,000 to over 8,000.  And the campaign is picking up steam!

“Gardening is closely tied to the classic American value of self-sufficiency,” says Jes Walton, food campaigns director at Green America. “And when the principles of regenerative agriculture are applied, it can be part of the climate solution.”

Five key principles of a regenerative Climate Victory Garden:

  1. Ditch the chemicals-- not good for you; not good for soil.
  2. Keep the soil covered— plants protect and build the soil.
  3. Encourage biodiversity— diversity is resilience.
  4. Grow food— food from your backyard means way fewer food miles than food shipped to your grocery store.
  5. Compost— make it and use it. It's a probiotic regenerative source for your soil. AND it keeps organic waste out of our landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions like methane! Read more about these five principles here!

Maybe you started your garden to increase self-sufficiency, eating healthy, more food security, or even as a meditation space and stress reliever. At the same time-- your garden is providing global environmental benefits. Think of the impact of all of our gardens combined! Thousands of gardens drawing down carbon and putting it to work for us!

You can register YOUR garden as a Climate Victory Garden and create a pin on their virtual map!  And if you are on Facebook you can join the virtual community, ask and get answers to all your gardening questions, post pictures and updates on your garden! 

To join, click on the picture or go to: Facebook.comgroups/cvgardeners

Gardening is… Good for the climate! Good for the pollinators!! Good for biodiversity!!!  

Well done... 🙌 GOOD FOR YOU! 🙌