Ten 'new' varieties to consider growing in next year's garden!

Ten 'new' varieties to consider growing in next year's garden!

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!  A BIG package arrive in the mail today— They're HERE!  Our NEW seed packets arrived!  Let me show you!

New 2022 seed packets at Prairie Road Organic Seed
This shipment was 10 boxes of seed packets... Yup! Ten MORE offerings for you to pick from! It's SO FUN when that big box gets delivered and I get to unbox them. But the MOST fun is getting to fill them... then SHARE them all with you!

This is what we work for all spring, summer, and fall!  Each year we tend to acres of organic gardens, saving seeds of our tried-and-true varieties, continually adapting them to our short growing season. Each year we also experiment-- we get to discover new loves, always exploring, and learning. It's like being a kid again! Here's what this season brought!


We are so excited to introduce you to Turga parsnips. Since parsnips are a biennial, like carrots, it takes two years of production to bring you this seed! We finally get to share them with you and we are doing a happy dance over them!

Growing and prepping parsnip at Prairie Road Organic Seed


And look at this gorgeous Black Beauty! Yup! We have eggplant! If you are looking for a new adventure in your garden and kitchen— give this a try. Black Beauty is a classic Italian heirloom variety, is so easy to grow, and will give you large fruits with lots of delicious recipe options. An exotic beauty to make even a beginner look like a pro!

Black Beauty eggplant at Prairie Road Organic Seed
With a nod to my Dutch heritage, I had to grow this next one! It was one of Thomas Jefferson's favorites-- an historical heirloom!


Beautiful touches of bronze, it forms a small loose head with deliciously crispy large leaves. Robust and hardy, Dutch Brown is particularly well suited to cool, harsh conditions to reward your season extension efforts.

Dutch Brown lettuce growing in the garden at Prairie Road Organic Seed

We also focused on peppers and basil. You know those pickled peppers your favorite salad bars and pizza place offers? Now you can grow and pickle them yourself!  Introducing...


Pepperoncini Greek peppers are sweet with a very mild heat and a crunchy texture. They make fantastic pickled peppers and will give you dozens of peppers each harvest, making it super easy to put up a lot of jars in no time!

Pepperoncini Greek peppers growing the garden and pickled in a salad

And if you like Korean or Thai food you’re gonna love this next pepper!


Korean Sister-in-law is spicy and hot... but not overly hot! It's great for authentic kimchi and other Korean and Asian dishes. This thin-skinned, flavor-packed pepper dries easily and is delicious just slightly braised in a stir fry. So yummy paired with Pad Thai noodles.

Korean Sisters peppers at Prairie Road Organic Seed

Need a little more spice in your life? Try these new basil varieties!


The aroma alone will wake up your senses! Holy basil or 'Tulsi'— is super easy to grow in containers, raised beds and gardens. It’s flavor is more complex than Thai basil and is used in Indian, Thai and Asian dishes. It makes an excellent cup of tea and has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times for digestion and immune support.

A diversity of basil varieties at Prairie Road Organic Seed

The middle lovely is Greek Miniature basil!  Such a perfect round mound of gorgeous. An easy to grow, compact miniature plant— countertop perfect for those of you who love to use fresh herbs in your cooking. So cute, it also doubles as an ornamental table topper!

Finally, there's Sweet Thai basil-- flavor-packed with hints of anise, cloves, licorice, mint and citrus. A bee magnet, this will attract pollinators to your garden and even makes a beautiful cut flower! Also in the transition zone between herbs and flowers— introducing...


Just WOW! This was a favorite for me this year.  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this flowering gem! Not only is it beautiful— if you enjoy bergamot tea, you can harvest the leaves for a lemony winter tea that will transport you back to summer and this beautiful sight!

Lemon Bergamot putting on a flowery show at Prairie Road Organic Seed

Right next to the Lemon Bergamot in my flower garden was...


A cousin to hollyhocks, this is love at first sight!. The flowers will draw an automatic OUUHHH-LA-LA, even if you don’t speak French!

French Mallow flowering at Prairie Road Organic Seed

Each season we delight in sharing seed with you of some gems we’ve found! All 10 of our new offerings are here! Choose YOUR favorites!

Hope this Holiday Season includes lots of MERRY, MERRY! Enjoy!

Our best to you,

Theresa & Dan