This will help you scratch that itch!

This will help you scratch that itch!

They're HERE!  Our NEW seed packets arrived last week!  This will help you scratch that gardener's itch to grow something NEW! 

 It is like opening a present when that big box gets delivered.  It is so fun to unbox them-- and even MORE fun to start filling them! 

This shipment was 10 boxes of seed packets... Yup! That's 10 MORE offerings for you to pick from! 

This is what we work for all summer and fall!  Here are are some picture highlights of the season! And if I HAD to pick favorites...

Dwarf Grey snow peas in full bloom...  OMGosh! These are as beautiful as they are delicious!  The pods are perfect for salads and stir fries. We had these growing on a three foot trellis. They QUICKLY overtook AND outgrew it!  Don’t let the word ‘Dwarf” fool you! These plants are NOT little and they ARE very prolific! 

The Black Turtle beans were just gorgeous this year. The plants just grew and grew! The green color and beautiful flowers... I harvested a bundle of beans off of this row! I was so rewarded for my efforts-- I just can't tell you how amazing they were!

Arikara Yellow beans were not to be outdone! They gave the Black Turtles a run for favored status! Beautiful, vigorous plants... and the beans they put out!! Whoa!

It really was the 'Year of the Bean'... we had a 'mess' of beans to be sure! We had green beans and purple beans, snap beans and dry beans, yellow beans and black beans, Dutch beans and Arikara beans, pole beans and bush beans... you get the picture!

One of my favorites is Jade green beans.  We've grown Jade in green bean trials and it was always a front runner! Growing them out in a large production this year was a confirmation of all its amazing traits.  The beans are a deep green color-- even the seeds are green! So prolific-- there are so many beans you don't even have to search for them... so easy harvest! You are gonna want to try this one, if you haven't already!!

We also grew Empress green beans-- shorter plants and shorter beans (for those of you who like to pickle them)! Empress will surely impress!

We love to grow them all, of course! And I could regale you with a whole lot more pictures and stories. But when I think about the next year, Dwarf Grey snow peas, Black Turtle beans and Jade green beans will be a priority for me-- I won't be without these in my garden or my kitchen! I highly recommend them!  

And Camellia-Flowered Balsam has found a forever home in my flower garden!  Look at these beauties! They just keep blooming and blooming.  First they bloom on the main stem and then, as the plants grow taller, the blooms move up the main stem, and they start sending shoots from below with more flowers. So there is just a mass of blooms with a rainbow of colors! Good for the soul!

But I should let you go see for yourself-- You can see all 10 of our new offerings here! Choose YOUR favs!

Hope you are making some fun-filled holiday plans! We have so much to be thankful for... including being able to count you among our blessings! Thank you!

Our best to you,
Theresa & Dan