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Prairie Road Potting Shed

6 Module Natural Rubber Seed Tray

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Say Goodbye to Plastic with our new natural rubber seed trays

Long-lasting seed trays made from Fairly Traded natural rubber. Unlike cheap plastic trays, these won’t break or crack after one or two uses.

  • Drain holes allow healthy roots but keeps vermiculite and soil in place
  • Plug tray cells are pliable for easy removal
  • Each cell measures 2-1/3” square by 2-1/3” deep
  • Outer Dimensions: 9-1/2" x 6-1/4" x 2-1/3" (NOTE: Four 6 Module trays fit a standard 1020 flat germination tray with some overlapping of side walls.)*
  • Recommended for larger seeds such as pumpkins and squash.

The rubber is sourced from a small rubber plantation in Sri Lanka. Workers receive a Fair Trade premium to improve working and living conditions.

* PLEASE NOTE! Measure your 1020 bottom trays. They need to be at least 19.1875"L x 10.94"W (inside dimensions) to fit our 6-cell rubber trays side-by-side with some overlap. The 'standard' 1020 tray is 'usually' just under 21”L x 11”W (outer dimensions). Customers have told us that some trays sold as 1020 only measure 10"W and do NOT accommodate four of these trays. We want you to avoid this frustration by measuring and making sure you have the correct size for your bottom tray.

Most trays ship by USPS Priority Mail. Postal calculations can end up higher than the actual cost. We will refund any overcharge so you only pay ACTUAL shipping charges.

Caution: We do not recommend these trays to anyone with latex allergies— reacting to latex gloves, for example. The protein that triggers an allergic response may be present. Not labeled for sale or shipment into California.