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Prairie Road Organic Seed

Tomato: Caro Rich

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(Solanum lycopersicon) (75-80 days, determinate) Deep golden-orange color testifies to the rich beta-carotene content... this tomato will deliver you five-to-ten times more beta-carotene than most tomatoes! Compact, determinate plants are perfect for space challenged gardeners; it won't continue to vine all over and take over your garden. This tomato will gift you back with a prodigious harvest of 3-1/2" round fruits with smooth, crack-resistant, blemish-free skin. Low in acid for a rich, sweet tomato flavor you will savor! [Note: Caro Rich is deep orange in color during the heat of the summer, and more yellow-orange in the fall as the days get cooler. Hence, the two-tone pictures! The second is taken right before freeze up!]

Growing Notes

Sow transplant seedlings indoors 5-6 wks before last frost; Planting depth: 1/4 inch. Avg. Days to Germ.: 7-12. Transplant outdoors with 36-48 in. spacing between plants in rows 4-6 ft. apart. Full sun. Days to Maturity (after transplant): 65-75.