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Prairie Road Organic Seed

Flower, Echinacea: Purple Coneflower

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(Echinacea purpurea) One of the most popular garden perennials and native wildflower. It's the quintessential prairie plant and is grown both for its beautiful flowers and herbal, medicinal tea. Echinacea is purported to help strengthen the immune system. Purple Coneflower is the easiest echinacea to grow. Vigorous 24-36” plants with large-petaled flowers; hardy, drought-tolerant, long-blooming. Fibrous roots are easy to harvest An attractive food source for bees, often planted in pollinator plots. Perennial in Zones 3–10.

Growing Notes

Plant in early spring, when light frost is still possible. Plant 1/2 inch deep into rich, well drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Spacing: 12-24 inches apart. Avg. Days to Germ.: 10-20 days. Can also be fall planted, when it is too cold to germinate seeds and soil temperatures are below 45 degrees F; the seed will lay dormant through winter.