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Prairie Road Organic Seed

Ground Cherry: Pineapple

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 CERTIFIED ORGANIC SEED, 1 packet (50 seeds)

Physalis pruinosa (65-70 days) This easy-to-grow delightfully sweet ground cherry is so tasty, it’s irresistible. It's our variety of choice! Its fruity taste really reminds you of pineapple but with a flavor all its own. Simply pop them in your mouth for a bite-sized snack straight outta’ the garden. Kids love 'em! Makes a unique pie, compote, salsa, preserves, and ice cream topping--perfect for gift giving. A novelty addition to fruit salads and smoothies. Produces abundantly and the 1/2-3/4" fruits store for weeks in their husk. Plants are 12-18" high with a 3-4 foot spread.

Growing Notes

Sow seeds indoors 1⁄4" deep 6-8 weeks before typical last spring frost date. Transplant to 3-4" pots after first true leaves appear. Strong lighting and cooler temps between 60-70°F keep plants from getting leggy. Plant out when the danger of frost has passed; can be buried up to the top 2 sets of leaves. Excellent results when grown on landscape cloth, which suppresses weeds and makes collecting the fruits easier. Ripe when papery husk has dried and turned a tan color and fruit has fallen to the ground.