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Radish: Raxe NEW!

Radish: Raxe NEW!

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC seed, 1 packet (200 seeds)

Raphanus sativus (25-28 days to maturity) A large round, red bunching radish originating in Germany. Grows larger than other red-round types without becoming fibrous, so you can enjoy the harvest longer. Excellent market radish! Can be planted from spring to fall for season-long production. Firm, crisp, mild flavor...  not too spicy! Also, great for raised beds or container gardening.

Growing Notes

Sow after danger of frost in early spring through late summer for a fall crop. Sow 1” apart (to avoid the need to thin), 1/2” deep in rows at least 6” apart; firm lightly and keep moist. Germinate in 4-6 days. Plants need about 1” of rain per week; if necessary, water early in the day.