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Prairie Road Organic Seed

Pepper: Korean Sister-in-law

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Capsicum annuum (70-80 days) A spicy heirloom hot pepper from Korea. Gifted to a friend by her Korean sister-in-law and then shared with us! They produce 3-4" slender peppers, bright green in color, changing to red as they ripen and gain heat. Spicy and hot (but not overly hot), it's great for authentic kimchi and other Korean and Asian dishes. This thin-skinned, flavor- packed pepper dries easily and is delicious as a frying pepper. Sturdy plants grow to 2 feet tall and have dark green foliage.

Growing Notes
Start in shallow flats, planting 1/4" deep about 8 weeks prior to transplanting. Peppers germinate slowly in cooler soil; if possible, maintain soil temperatures 80- 90°F. When the first true leaves appear, transplant seedlings into 2-3" cells or pots. Keep warm at 70°F by day and 60°F at night. Transplant after danger of frost when the soil is warm and weather is steady. Plant 12- 18" apart in rows 24-36" between.