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Prairie Road Organic Seed Cannonball tomato grown from certified organic seed

Tomato: Cannonball

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(Solanum lycopersicon) Bred by Dr. Neil Holland at North Dakota State University and released in 1973. Cannonball is a mid-season, determinate variety producing 10-14 oz. round, solid, fairly crack- resistant fruits with above average yields; a great canning tomato. This compact plant fits well in space limited gardens or containers. Cannonball is part of our Bryce Farnsworth Collection; he passionately maintained seedstocks of NDSU cultivars, many no longer commercially available. He entrusted those seeds to us. We honor him by offering these seeds to you.

Growing Notes

Sow transplant seedlings indoors 5-6 wks before last frost; Planting depth: 1/4 inch. Avg. Days to Germ.: 7-12. Transplant outdoors with 36-48 in. spacing between plants in rows 4-6 ft. apart. Full sun. Days to Maturity (after transplant): 70-75.