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Prairie Road Organic Seed

Wild Wax Wraps 3 pc set

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pack - keep fresh - reuse

Our beeswax wraps are a sustainable companion in the kitchen, office, school and when you have time off!

Simply cover bowls, jars or wrap your food, sealing in freshness - our beeswax wraps are easy to shape with warm hands. Handmade from natural wild beeswax and cotton.

Beeswax has an antibacterial and antifungal effect - making it perfect for natural and sustainable food storage, and reducing food waste.

The beeswax comes from the wild rock bee, Apis dorsata. The dorsata is the second largest of the honey bees! Your purchase helps protect their wild habitat.

Clean after use with cold water and dish soap, rinse and let dry. With proper care they can be reused for up to a year, after which they can be rewaxed and refreshed, composted, or used as a natural fire starter.

Choose the size that’s right for you. This is our small, medium and large 3 piece set. You may also be interest in our 13” x 39” roll, which allows you to cut to size. Or choose from our 5 piece set of minis, and our handy 2 piece Snack & Sandwich Bags.

3 pc set-- Contents and Dimensions:

1 pc-- 14”x 11” (size L)
1 pc-- 11”x 9” (size M)
1 pc-- 9.75” x 7” (size S)

Do not store above 77°F. Supplies are limited, so get your today!