Quick fall plantings-- growing something delightful in the coolness of autumn time

Quick fall plantings-- growing something delightful in the coolness of autumn time

Got any empty rows in your garden? Those open spaces would be perfect for succession planting for fall crops.  My favorite candidates for fall planting are beet greens, spinach, arugula, cilantro, and lettuce! These plants will lavish your table with ongoing production even as the days— and more importantly, the nights— get cooler.

At the beginning of August, I was starting lettuce for a fall harvest.  We took up our onions at the end of August. That opened up three rows in the garden. PERFECT timing to plug in those lettuce starts. Here’s what it looked like September 1st and what the planting looks like today! Let the feasting begin! 

September 1st transplanting

Lettuce planting September 24 at Prairie Road organic Seed

Lettuce planting on September 24th. This is Romulus lettuce!

Now's the time to make notes about things that worked and didn’t work in your garden this year! One thing to observe is any rows that are currently unoccupied in your garden.

Succession planting takes some planning; start planning for next year by taking those notes on the empty spaces in your garden right now. Every space is an opportunity. Use our printable garden planner to start jotting those notes down! 

You might not think there are not enough days at the end of the season to be worth the effort. OR maybe you are just tired. But when you pull in that harvest of lettuce, beet greens and spinach leaves to eat alongside the tomatoes and peppers… believe me… that spark will be there! Toss in a little cilantro and arugula to ‘WOW’ the taste buds. 

Enjoy these beautiful fall days and all of the fruits of your handiwork! 

Wishing you abundance!

Our best to you, 

Theresa & Dan