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Dry Beans: Barbunya

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(Phaseolus vulgaris) (70 days, fresh shell beans; 85 days, dry bean) Barbunya pole beans are the Turkish version of the borlotto or cranberry bean, likely descendants from the orginal Colombian cranberry bean called Cargamanto. Prized for their excellent taste, Barbunya season is cause for celebration with special dishes. Harvest fresh shell beans at 70 days when the pods are plump with a bright red/white color. Or allow them to mature as dry beans for savory winter meals.

Growing Notes

Planting Depth: 1 inch. Plant spacing: 2 inches. Increase yields by inoculating where natural Rhizobia is low. Soil Temp. for Germ.: 60-80°F. Days to Germ.: 6-10 days. Full sun. Moderate moisture. Needs a sturdy fence or trellis at least 5-6 feet tall.