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Prairie Road Organic Seed

Flower: Calendula

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 CERTIFIED ORGANIC SEED, 1 packet (50 seeds)

Calendula officinalis Attracts pollinators! Hardy, heat and frost-tolerant annual with a spectacular mix of sunny colors for a long-lasting garden display; great along borders or mass plantings. Also, well suited to container growing. Plants grow to 20-24 inches tall. Edible flower petals are rich in carotenoids and are used in healing skin ointments and antiseptic tinctures. They can also be used as a dye.

Growing Notes

(50-55 days) Planting depth: 1/4 inch. Avg. Days to Germ.: 5-10. 6-12 inch spacing between plants. Full sun. Moderate water.  Seed can be fall planted, when it is too cold to germinate seeds and soil temperatures are below 45 degrees F; the seed will lay dormant through the winter.