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Prairie Road Organic Seed

Herb, Cilantro: Slow Bolt

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Coriandrum sativum (45-50 days) This annual herb can be harvested at the leaf stage for cilantro or as seed for coriander. Its distinctive scent and taste make it a staple ingredient in Mexican salsa and cuisine. Easy to grow, prolific, flat leaves, slow to bolt and flower, and grows to 12-18". Snip top 2-3" leaves. For season-long harvest succession planting is suggested.

Growing Notes
Direct seeding is recommended. Cilantro does not like to be disturbed; it does not transplant well because of its long taproot. Plant seeds in early spring, at the same time you would plant lettuce. (If starting indoors, use a biodegradable pot that you can just transplant directly into the garden to avoid disturbing the roots and reduce transplant shock.) Direct seed spring through late summer for fall harvest. Does best in cool weather. Planting Depth: 1⁄4 - ½ inch; keep soil moderately moist. Plant spacing: 8-12" apart, 18-24" between rows. Thin well-established seedlings to 3-6” spacing. Make successive sowings at 2-3 week intervals, if growing the plants for their leaves and continuous supply. Days to Germination: 8-10 days; partial shade/full sun. Summer plantings are not recommended because the plants usually just bolt in heat before producing much. For a fall leaf crop, seed in mid-August. Cilantro reseeds readily.